Margarita Glasses That Are Personalized

My sister and I were given a tour by a time share diamond resorts agent in Orlando, Florida last week. We were there to have our summer vacation with the kids. It was a free tour by the said agent. It was my first time to join a presentation and I am happy because I ended up of buying a time share. Now I am so excited to explore the world with my time share. I can relax during my free time in my own resorts. Aside from that, I have time to Visit for margarita glasses that are personalized. I like it so much. It is one of my hobbies to collect cute stuffs during my relaxation time. I love shopping online. I love to buy a lot of stuffs as my souvenir gift to my friends when I come back to Canada. Also, we all enjoy the four disney theme parks for five days. It was amazing especially on the fourth of July that were on magic kingdom. I can really say that this is the kind of life that I want.

Good Morning To All

Hello! Good morning friends. How are you this weekend? I hope you enjoy the day. The weather is so nice today, it’s sunny and I love to go out. But before strolling at the mall I need to finish my work here in the net and also I love to visit my friend’s blog too. Today is our one year anniversary in Camera Critters and I love to post the best picture I have in the computer. Then visit all my fellow camera critters hunters.

Rane Ttm56

My brother bought a rane ttm56 stuff for his business. I do not know the usage of that expensive stuff. All I know it is for his music business. He is the team leader of a popular band in the city. He also bought new guitars from an exclusive shop. He needs the said instruments also. He bought his favorite kind with a good quality and a bit pricey. They often do some competition and they already gained support and popularity because they are doing good on their music performances. I am so happy and proud of him.

My Brother Got It

One of my brother’s favorite hobbies is fishing. Since he arrived in Canada he enjoys fishing. Going to lakes and rivers is his past time. Most people say fishing is a boring hobby but for him it’s exciting and enjoyable. Every weekend his friend Rey will go with him at Niagara River. Sometimes they also go to Guelph Lake. Yes! Even if it is winter time and the weather is so cold, they always go fishing. Sometimes Tonton his other friend will go with them too. I think they are very lucky because every time they go fishing they got two or three fish.

Randy Rhodes

My son is very active in his school’s extra curricular activities. He is playing for a music band. I am so proud of him. The groups represent their school for many contests. The other day, he asked his father to buy from Randy Rhodes . Also he likes electric guitar with excellent performance and can play good music when played with a band. They are planning to buy one this weekend so that my son can have something to use for the next coming school band competition.

Shopping Time

At last we have a nice weather this weekend. After a long long winter months and a very cold weather I feel happy because I can see the sun now. Wow! It’s sunny day and of course I will hang out with friends. Juanita our lady driver, Elma, Pong and I went to China Town Toronto and bought lots of fruits, vegetables and many more. After China Town we went shopping at Eaton Centre. Actually we only work four days a week started this week, that’s why we decided to go shopping at Eaton Toronto Centre. To be honest, it is my first time to shop at Eaton Centre in Toronto. Usually we only shop here at Stone Road Mall. Toronto Eaton Center is the largest shopping mall and office complex in Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is considered as the Toronto’s top tourist attraction, with around one million visitors per week. It is bounded by Yonge Street on the east, Queen Street West on the south, Dundas Street West on the north, and to the west by James Street and Trinity Square.

High Fidelity Ear Plugs

I got a call from my son yesterday when I was at work. He asked money because he wants to purchase high fidelity ear plugs. He needs it and I can not say no to him. My son really loves to play music instrument at school especially electric guitar and many others. Since I have no idea of what kind of stuff is that so I just send him money on his bank account after my work and let him buy whatever he likes. I trust him when it comes to buying online. He can choose the best stuff he needs.

My Son`s Reading Glass

In today’s busy world most people loves to wear eyeglasses for reading. It can help us to see images clearly and to see objects from a distance. It is also needed to protect our eyes from dust and against UV and IR radiation. Wearing eyeglasses is not only for adults but it is also for children. In the city where I live, our schools classes started last September first but I failed to buy new eyeglasses for my son. He started wear glasses when he was in grade school. As of now he is a high school student in one of the best Catholic school in our place. However, last year he accidentally broke the lens of his eyeglasses and the other lens was cracked too. So I needed to buy a new pair of fashionable eyeglasses as a reward for having good grades in school. As of now they offer high quality prescription eyeglasses with decent price.


I was doing some online checking of the latest kinds of guitars that can possibly buy because my old guitar was already destroyed. I need to buy one so that I can have something to use on my music works. I am interested to buy a fabulous guitars online where they are selling some latest models of acoustic and electric guitars. Many colors are available like blue, black, red and brown. I will be buying it before this month ends.

Niagara Trip On 21

Last night I received an email from my friend. She asks me if I am interested to go with her at Niagara Falls. The company that she works with will plan to go to Niagara. I said yes and she buys a ticket for me. The ticket is 15 including the bus and foods for lunch. The schedule will be on Jan 21 and I don’t know what time we will travel. Maybe we will go there early in the morning. Even though I’m not a part of the company but I’m still excited to go with them. I hope all of us will enjoy the trip.

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